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Our Relief Efforts in Puerto Rico

We need your help!

 Hurricane Maria inflicted catastrophic destruction throughout Puerto Rico. Such devastation was not just limited to the island’s residents, but also displaced thousands of animals from their homes. The American Dog Rescue Foundation has joined forces with Stronger & Better Together in order to provide much-needed veterinary care and relocation assistance to these afflicted animals. Your donation goes 100% to the impacted animals of Puerto Rico so that they can begin to heal from their trauma.  

Helping those in Need

 Giving a voice to the voiceless, American Dog Rescue seeks to provide the desperately needed care and rehabilitation these beloved animals need. 

Relocation Assistance

 Your donations will provide immediate veterinary care, along with being able to provide clean food, water, and shelter. Each month, ADR will be bringing back as many dogs as possible. 

Finding a New Home

After their relocation, ADR will focus on finding these dogs a new home. Through their affiliations with various U.S. organizations, ADR will be able to provide these animals the care and love needed. 

They look to us for help

We desperately need your support

American Dog Rescue works on saving one billion street dogs from around the world. A main part of their mission includes rescuing abandoned pets caught in the aftermath of natural disasters. They have helped pets get back on their paws after disasters in Haiti, New Orleans and Joplin, MO. Please donate today and be part of something bigger and together we can make a difference.

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