What kind of help is STRONGER & BETTER TOGETHER providing to the people of Puerto Rico?

STRONGER & BETTER TOGETHER is organizing and leading mission trips to provide relief to those in need and assist with the rebuilding of Puerto Rico. Our efforts are focused on collecting personal hygiene products, household items and medicines and delivering them to communities in need as quickly as possible. We are also helping small businesses get back up and running by giving out individual grants and helping them through a team of auditors fill out FEMA paperwork to qualify for federal grants.

Why should I support STRONGER & BETTER TOGETHER?

We are committed to the near- and long-term needs of Puerto Rico, which is why we've chosen to focus our efforts on supporting small business owners, students and vulnerable communities. By doing so, we have an opportunity to help the island and its people recover, rebuild and thrive.

How is STRONGER & BETTER TOGETHER different from other organizations that are helping with the relief and rebuilding efforts in Puerto Rico?

Thanks to our personal knowledge of the landscape/environment in Puerto Rico, and close relationships with individuals and organizations on the ground, STRONGER & BETTER TOGETHER is able to deliver aid to small business owners, students and vulnerable communities throughout Puerto Rico, quickly and efficiently.


For your convenience, we have several ways in which you can provide support to the people of Puerto Rico through STRONGER & BETTER TOGETHER:



I would like to contribute to a specific STRONGER & BETTER TOGETHER program and/or mission. Is that possible?

If you would like to donate to a specific program or mission, please include the name on the memo line of your check.

What portion of my donation directly supports STRONGER & BETTER TOGETHER's mission or service delivery?

One hundred percent of every dollar we raise and items we collect are distributed to the people of Puerto Rico.

My company/organization would like to establish a formal partnership with STRONGER & BETTER TOGETHER to support the people of Puerto Rico, who can I contact?

Thanks for your interest in helping us support the people of Puerto Rico. Please send an email with the word "Partnership" in the subject line and details about your company's interests in the body of the message to: info@strongerandbettertogether.org A member of the STRONGER & BETTER TOGETHER team will get back to you as quickly as possible.

Can STRONGER & BETTER TOGETHER help bring someone from Puerto Rico to the mainland United States?

STRONGER & BETTER TOGETHER did help evacuate several people with urgent medical needs from the island at the conclusion of a few of our early mission trips, but that's not a current area of focus for the organization.

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